Japanese Garden

When the season changes I start to think of new clothes and what I’m going to sew for myself for the warmer/colder weather, and it’s no different for Barbie clothes either!

This is one of my new designs, the fabric is a gorgeous rich cream vintage silk – in fact it is nearly a light gold- and it is rich to the touch.

Full gathered skirt and a fitted bodice, all finished with tiny bows at the neckline.

Sun is out! Isn’t the fabric gorgeous?

And I love tiny bows- I could make them all day!!

Till next time…


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Black and White


If you’ve been joining me on Instagram lately you’ll see I’ve been swooning over Costume Design a lot especially the Golden Age of Hollywood, I’m very inspired by the chic glamour of 1930s and 1940s costumes.

This is my nod to that era – a black watermarked taffeta wiggle dress with white lace floral accents, I think it’s very Joan Crawford! Her costumes were always so stylish and she could really carry off a strong silhouette.


The contrast between black and white really works on this frock. It’s quite difficult to photograph black fabrics but these photos turned out peachy.


The bodice is a snug fit, as it should be. The skirt has tiny pleats and a tulip shape so it sits just right, and very flattering.


The sunlight really highlights the fabric grain and the subtle water marks. This is a vintage fabric, isn’t it gorgeous? It seems watermarked taffeta is not used much these days. That is such a pity, it’s one of my favourite fabrics to sew and it looks fantastic in vintage style frocks.


Ok, time to go and watch a Joan Crawford movie I think….





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Barbie The Icon Exhibition


Look what I found in Bologna! Barbie The Icon exhibition! WOW! I just had to share some of these amazing images with you. Basically there was every Barbie Doll ever in the exhibition. The 1950s Barbie Dolls were my favourites, the clothes were AMAZING!!



The dolls were arranged in chronological order so the exhibition started with the first Barbie dolls with some really dainty accessories too- look at the hat box, so stylish!

Great hair too, an original bubblecut….


And wigs!!


Some fab and groovy 60s dolls….


I loved this doll, she reminded me of Stevie Nicks.


The Irish Barbie Doll…!!


Bob Mackie. Had to include this.


The Silkstone Barbie Collection was just fabulous, what a beautiful and amazing evening gown. The quality of these dolls and their wardrobe was just beautiful.


And Dior… J’adore Dior. J’adior.


Astronaut Barbie!


I hope you enjoyed these amazing clothes from the exhibition as much as I did!




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Country Girl


A more casual look this week- it’s jeans and a shirt for a day in the country. I was quite inspired by old photographs of Elizabeth Taylor early in her career- high waisted jeans, sleeveless shirt and a scarf in her hair.


I found these tiny rivets for dolls jeans and I just had to try them! I love 3/4 length jeans too – really 1950s, so chic.


The high heels may not be the most practical for a day in the country but they look great, my mantra is never sacrifice style for comfort!




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Ladies Who Lunch


A lunch invitation at the Big House, what to wear? Well, I thought a white strapless full skirted dress with a marching bolero style jacket would be perfect. I finished it off with a white plaited leather belt, to cinch in the waist. This is a really fine, light vintage cotton worn with a frilly crinoline to make the skirt extra full.



Next frock is a  a rose pink vintage silk dress with ribbon detailing, the skirt is a full gathered skirt, it makes the waist look tiny!




I think the ladies are well dressed for the occasion. The location was Belvedere House in Mullingar, another fantastic old house worth a visit.


Time for aperitifs….



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Castles and Peacocks


Johnstown Castle, a beautiful castle and gardens just outside Wexford town. And what a perfect backdrop for this turquoise silk dress with pleated half skirt detail with bow belt. The turquoise is very vivid, and reminded me of the feathers on this guy…


I really wanted to get a photo of the two together but every time I tried, the peacock went straight for the Barbie Doll! I guess he liked the turquoise silk too.









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